Empowering woman and children in their journey of self development.

Psychological Therapies to promote emotional resilience.

Bach Flower Remedies

A self contained system to address negative emotional states with the intention to replace them with positive qualities

Emotional Freedom Technique

Releasing emotional imbalances and enhancing positive state of mind

Matrix Reimprtinting Technique

Addressing and letting go of limiting beliefs and reprogramming the brain

Hello! I’m Arty


I have a 1st class degree in Psychology from Reading University and I am an accredited Bach Flower Remedies, Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.  I also offer Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Stress Reduction (MBSR) both  in group and one to one settings.  I am an educator and speaker and offer one to one or group workshops and speak at various events.  

 I am a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS),  Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and  The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET).

My Expertise

My specialisation or niche is in grief in its wider context

Loss of a Loved One

Loss of a Child due to Death

Losing a child is one of the hardest events one can ever go through.  I have received additional training to help bereaved parents go through this difficult phase. 

Loss of a Loved one

Bereavement due to the loss of loved one causes a rush of myriad of emotions.   Support is often needed if you are unable to deal with this this overwhelm and also to help bring into surface suppressed emotions to move on. 

Loss due to Loneliness

We are humans are usually social beings and loneliness can be difficult to live with.  At times we need the support to help us deal with our circumstances to investigate the next steps.

Loss of Healthy Ego

Loss of confidence & self worth leading to bullying

Self confidence and self worth is what is needed to go through life with resilience. Lack of healthy ego can lead to vulnerabilities internally and externally such as inner criticism and outer bullying. When there is an imbalance, help is sought to rewire the brain to increase our inner strength.

Loss of peace of mind leading to stress & anxiety

We all want to live in a state of bliss however when we experience a deviation from this natural state it can cause chaos.  So being grounded and centred help us to return back to our peaceful state. 

Loss of positivity leading to low mood and depressive thoughts

There is so much to be grateful to however there are times where we feel that everything is going the wrong way and everyone is against us.  This when we feel low and foster negative thoughts which is when support is needed to navigate through this phase. 

Loss of concentration leading to overdrive or apathy

When we have too much to do or too little to do we response may go from one extreme to another.  We may overdo things or just do nothing.  Balance is the key here to help bring yourself to the present moment. 

Loss of Control

Loss of control over hormones leading to menstruation problems, fertility issues, menopause

When our hormones are in balance everything is goes well physiological.  However if there is an imbalance it affects is physically, mentally and emotionally.  Therefore how we think and feel will have a natural effect on our physical health. 

Loss of Control over Circumstances Leading to Reaction, Frustration and Anger

We are faced with events in our life that we have no control over and that can cause a negative reaction. If our lives would be the way we wanted it to be we would be living in a Utopia.  Instead of reacting we can respond to our circumstances and find a way out of our dissatisfaction.

Loss of Sleep Leading to Insomnia

Sleep is natural process of the cycle of a being.  It helps to clear events and memories and recharges you.  Absence of sleep can cause feelings of irritability and lack of concentration .  The causes may be an overactive mind or low mood.  The aim is restore balance for efficient functioning and restoration.

Loss of Control over Wealth leading to Job Dissatisfaction and job Losses

We all have different relationship with wealth and this affects what jobs we are and how well we do in our careers.  The ideal is to align our self to our passion and respond to our innate calling.  However life gets in our way to even think of this and get off the hamster wheel.   Here support is offered to identify goals and steps to achieve them realistically.

My Approach & Values

I have a wide range of tools to help you with your distress which we will discuss during your clarity call.  My training has given me structured paradigms which have validated through empirical evidence. Ye our sessions together are unique to you and tailored to suit your needs.

Empathy, honesty, integrity are my main strengths which are my values.  During our sessions together you will be supported in a open non judgemental space for you on your journey of self development.

One of definitions of harmony ‘the quality of forming a pleasing consistent whole’ is what really defines the work I do and it is harmony is different for every individual.  Disharmony is when we are disjoined, all over the place, lack of self control which leads to dis-ease on a physical/emotional and mental plane. So positive Harmony helps you to find realise completeness, the middle path shielded from both extremes, your neutral pH. 

" About our EFT session, I can truthfully say that doing EFT with Arty Amarissa was a lovely and useful experience. At the end of our session, I felt relaxed, calm and centered. Being guided by you through our session was most helpful. As a bonus, I learned a tool that I can use daily for enhanced balance and well-being. Thank you!"

Judy Figura – Counselling for Healing and Growth

"I came to the session to find peace. The session was a place where I could be open. Arty is a skilled practitioner, intuitive and wise. Arty made me feel completely comfortable. The session was above my expectations. "

Andrea – Reflexologist

" I had received EFT treatment from Arty before and felt it would benefit me. I was hoping that some residual emotional traumas would be resolved. Also, these emotional issues may have contributed to physical issues I had been experiencing. For eg, discomfort in shoulders. I found the session emotional, not quite realising the depth the session would reach. But after I felt a lot lighter, like something had shifted. It was uplifting.Arty speaks with clarity and knowledge about both EFT and Bach treatments. Her professionalism is outstanding.I cannot speak more highly of Arty’s ability to listen and fully present during our sessions. I felt I could trust her with very personal issues because Arty has an innate ability to create a safe space for her client. "

Deborah – Teacher Assistant

"I booked the session because I was having some issues with work and home life. The session was absolutely wonderful- Arty is so kind and thoughtful she is really able to narrow down to the source of the issue. Arty is very professional with real care for the art of EFT and practical parts of client care. I felt that I was in good hands- Arty’s confidence and capability ensured I was confident of the results from the start and I was able to work on sensitive issues. After the session My issue was resolved and life went forward with more light and ease. Keep up the good work. Love your style.”

Beatriz – Sales Manager

“I booked the session to obtain the remedies as well as discuss how they could improve my emotional health. I found the session was excellent. Arty is very knowledgable. Arty is warm, interested, non judgmental. Great result. The session is excellent no need for improvement."

Maria – Consultant

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